Hello! I'm Shu Garbuglia and I'm a children’s book illustrator. I work with publishers, businesses and private clients to illustrate the stories they propose to me.

I work mainly with publishing houses. I founded my own handmade stationery brand, Shugar Bottega, where you can find postcards, prints, calendars, notebooks, stickers and more, with my illustrations.

In 2017, I attended a Master's degree in Illustration for Publishing at the Ars in Fabula school in Macerata. On that occasion, I started collaborating with the publisher Feltrinelli with whom I have published since 2019 "La leggenda del paese dove nascono le parole", "Ecciù! La biblioteca ha il freddo' and 'La scuola magica', written by Michela Guidi.

In 2022 I've worked to "La Resistenza spiegata ai bambini" and, in 2023, "Lo Stato spiegato alle bambine e ai bambini" written by Francesca Parmigiani and published by BeccoGiallo.

I live in Rome, but work all over the world. My inspirations are nature and the magic of childhood. My passions? Books, cinema, TV series, art, dogs and travelling.


Francesca Parmigiani, Lo Stato spiegato alle bambine e ai bambini, BeccoGiallo, 2023
Francesca Parmigiani, La Resistenza spiegata ai bambini, BeccoGiallo, 2022
Michela Guidi, La scuola magica, Feltrinelli, 2021
Catia Proietti Sulla strada di Iqbal - Albero delle matite, 2020
Michela Guidi, Ecciù! La biblioteca ha il raffreddore - Feltrinelli Kids, 2020
Michela Guidi, La leggenda del paese dove nascono le parole - Feltrinelli Kids, 2019


Finalist of “The Illustrators Exhibition”, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, 2021
"Plastica d'a-mare - Eco Festival Plastic Free" - Rome, 2020
“Libriamoci - Festival del libro illustrato” - Macerata, 2019
“Animals - SCANNER” - Rome, 2019


Feltrinelli, Gribaudo, Becco Giallo, Albero delle Matite, Corriere della Sera, Grazia, AWW Magazine.

Let's keep in touch!

For commissions, questions, or just to say hello, write me here shu.garbu@gmail.com